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NIGP Member Spotlight - Teresa Chapman!

Leaders Edge was a transformative program in my career and personal life. My intention was to learn more about leadership styles, what I came away with was so much more. I met other professional procurement leaders from across the United States and Canada all sharing their moments of leadership, their struggles and doing the toughest thing that I think some of us have to do….ask for help.
We were a group of newbies to seasoned professionals all trying to help each other and understand how to better ourselves. Lourdes Coss led us through zoom sessions by leading off with conversation topics but really let us take off and figure it out within our groups. The overall program had close to 30 participants, and we were assigned smaller groups, Go Fantastic Five! I know our groups became more tightknit to the point where we emailed each other and also rooted each other on when we saw articles about each other. The highlight was at NIGP Forum 2022 when a few of us met in person!


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