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Policies & Procedures

Applying for a scholarship is a two-step process.  The first step is the submittal of a completed Copper Chapter Scholarship Application along with the substantiation of points earned, to the Designated Chapter Representative(s) by the announced deadline.  The Scholarship Committee will verify the submission and approve/deny applications.  The second step is to submit a Scholarship Award Request which may be submitted during the year for events.

Awards are contingent upon the availability of funds and are subject to approval by the Board. The value of the monetary award is based on the most current approximation of costs, and is subject to change based on actual costs.

Individual must be a current paid Copper Chapter Member in order to receive/redeem scholarship points.

Points may be used for the following purposes: NIGP seminars; conferences; certifications; re-certifications; classes; reviews; test application fees; webinars; NIGP National Forum; Regional Conference or any other purposes the Board deems appropriate.

A minimum of 90 Total Points are required to qualify for a scholarship.  Points may be earned over a two-year period and combined to attend an event (i.e. points earned in 2010 may be combined with points earned in 2011 and used during 2012) OR used to attend more than one event in a calendar year. Awarded points will be deducted from a member’s total available points.

Any fees paid or advanced shall be returned to the Chapter Treasurer in the event the member is unable to attend or complete the funded event.

Any difference in the amount of the scholarship versus the actual cost shall be the responsibility of the member (if the cost is greater.) If the actual cost is less than the scholarship amount or if member receives any funding from entities other than the Copper Chapter, the remainder of the scholarship amount shall be returned to the Chapter Treasurer. Failure to return money may result in refusal of future scholarship awards.  Members are welcome to bring along their spouse, family, or friends, however, any additional charges incurred are the responsibility of the member.

NIGP Forum – Chapter Member must submit a registration form to the Chapter Treasurer upon request. The Chapter will submit all registrations along with a check to NIGP. Registrations for Hotel/Airline/ Shuttle Services are the responsibility of the individual member.  Reimbursement will be for up to five (5) nights of hotel accommodations, double occupancy, unless otherwise approved by the Board. Partial payment may be requested/awarded for forum expenses dependent on a member’s total points available. If travel and or attendance are not completed, member will be responsible for reimbursement of fees paid by the Chapter. After completion of Forum attendance, member will submit invoice/statement for hotel and/or shuttle expenses.

Reimbursement checks will be issued at the next scheduled Board meeting.

Additional criteria may be developed for future evaluation.


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